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About Fisher House Foundation Houses

Chicago-based Unique Insurance provides automobile insurance not only throughout Illinois but also across Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Tennessee. Founded in 1996, the company offers flexible payment plans, competitive rates, and generous compensation options, including 24-hour roadside assistance. Additionally, Unique Insurance supports a number of charities, with a focus on Fisher House Foundation.

For 25 years, Fisher House Foundation has maintained a network of homes at military installations and Veterans’ Affairs medical centers for families to stay for free while members of the military or veterans receive treatment. Across 24 states and countries and the District of Columbia, Fisher House has offered more than 5.5 million lodging days to hundreds of thousands of families—over 25,000 in 2014 alone.

The 65 current houses are comprised of 8 to 21 suites; with enough space for up to 42 family members, each house has private bedrooms and bathrooms. The living room, dining room, laundry, and kitchen areas are shared. Each house is gifted to the United States government and overseen by the Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs and military service secretaries, who ensure the houses are properly maintained and operated. Because the houses are run individually by the medical centers and installations, eligibility criteria varies by location, although it is always free.


Online Claims Filing Can Alleviate Stress after Accidents

Founded in 1996, Unique Insurance offers auto insurance products in several states. Unique Insurance makes the claims process easier for customers by offering online claims filing via its website. Industry experts note that filing a claim online can help streamline a key process after the stress of an automobile accident.

Before filing an accident claim, policyholders should have relevant information readily available. This includes policy numbers, accident details, vehicle details, and witness and police report information. When completing an online claim, individuals should take care to provide all the required information and add as much detail as possible.

In certain scenarios, such as serious accidents involving injuries or auto fires, phoning the company to file the claim may be the best course of action. Policyholders can always call their insurers if they have questions while filing online or to follow up on a filed claim.