Underscore Theatre Company Hosted Musical Comedy World Premiere

Underscore Theatre Company pic

Underscore Theatre Company
Image: underscoretheatre.org

Unique Insurance, located in Niles, Illinois, offers customers automobile insurance services and products. But Unique is also a generous supporter of local nonprofits. Recently, Unique Insurance made contributions to the Underscore Theatre Company in Chicago, Illinois.

Established in 2011 by former students at Carleton College, the Underscore Theatre Company is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting original musical theatre. During its first two years of existence, it produced two full-length shows created by the four founding ensemble members, three one-act musicals written by numerous artists, and a stage reading by a Chicago playwright. Since it opened its doors, the theatre has produced 14 world-premiere musicals in Chicago.

Their most recent production, which ran in the fall of 2015, was “The Story of a Story (The Untold Story).” The world premiere of the musical comedy included music by Jody Shelton alongside book and lyrics from Emmy Award winning writer Peter Gwinn. The production is about a writer and artist who prevent the world from experiencing an invasion by a magical land of clichés. They travel through a magical dimension with the help of rebel clichés who want to become three-dimensional characters, and all of them seek to destroy the evil tyrant. “The Story of a Story (The Untold Story)” is Underscore’s first Joseph Jefferson Award nominated production. Underscore Theatre’s next production, “Haymarket: An Anarchist’s Songbook”, will make its world premiere in May 2016.


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