Securing Competitive Rates on Auto Insurance

Unique Insurance Company pic

Unique Insurance Company


Unique Insurance offers competitive auto insurance rates to buyers across the country. Unique Insurance works closely with its network of agents to ensure that each buyer can find the most appropriate coverage.

Many car owners have the opportunity to secure more competitive rates for auto insurance, but it does require a bit of proactive effort. Experts recommend that policyholders look into potential discounts, such as a low-mileage discount for those who drive below a set annual maximum. Additionally, discounts are often available for cars with certain safety features, or for senior drivers who successfully complete a driving safety course.

Some drivers may also be able to alter their coverage levels to secure a lower premium. Drivers who own older cars can often save money by eliminating collision coverage, for example, while those who can afford a higher deductible may be able to do so in exchange for lower payments.

Before making a final decision on coverage options, however, an insurance buyer should assess whether he or she would be able to afford the financial consequences of an accident. Insurance companies and agents can often offer advice on this matter as well as on potentially available discounts.


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