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An Introduction to the Auto Claims Process

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Auto Claims

Unique Insurance is a personal and commercial auto insurance provider serving six states. The Unique Insurance team of agents is dedicated not only to the successful resolution of all client claims, but also to sustaining client satisfaction and understanding throughout the entire claims process.

The days and weeks following a car accident can be emotionally trying. As the physical injuries and psychological trauma of the accident linger, individuals must gather themselves to navigate the auto insurance claims process. Understanding the various aspects of this process and working with a claims specialist committed to client satisfaction are great ways to reduce the confusion and frustration surrounding an accident.

The claims process begins by contacting an insurance agent after an accident. Insurance representatives will take in all available information before launching an investigation into the report and engaging with agents representing other drivers. As the investigation draws to a close, insurance agents should be able to provide clients with information regarding liability and their various coverage options. Due to the varied nature of coverage and accidents, the amount of time it can take to resolve a claim may vary.


What to Do After a Car Accident

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Unique Insurance Company

Unique Insurance offers a diverse suite of automobile insurance services and products through independent agents. Dedicated to a high level of service for all of its customers, Unique Insurance addresses the needs of policyholders after an accident.

After a car accident, the parties involved must first check for injuries and call for medical attention if necessary. Once any needed help is on its way, the drivers should assess whether they can move their cars without causing additional damage. If so, the cars should move out of traffic and to the side of the road.

If a car is not movable, the owner of that car must call either an insurance company or a roadside assistance provider, as a tow truck will be necessary. One of the drivers may then need to make a phone call to the police, particularly if there has been major damage or if either party seems to be acting aggressively. However, any driver may consider contacting an officer simply to get an official statement for insurance.

Before either party leaves the scene, all drivers involved must gather information from the operators of all other cars involved. Insurance companies typically need other drivers’ names and contact information, as well as the other vehicles’ make, model, year, license plate number, and insurance provider.

Insurers are also likely to ask about damage, location, and injuries. Photos of the scene are helpful, if possible, as is contact information for any police officers who respond to the scene. Drivers should aim to call their insurance company to provide this information as soon as possible after the accident.

Why Men Pay More for Auto Insurance

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Unique Insurance Company

Unique Insurance is dedicated to offering fair, competitive rates on low-cost auto insurance. Many factors determine how much you pay for auto insurance, but one you may be surprised to hear about is your gender.

While it’s not a hard-and-fast rule that all insurance companies adhere to, males tend to have higher insurance rates than females. This boils down to statistics, not sexism or preference. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners found that men are more likely to get into auto accidents and 10 percent less likely to wear safety belts. To an insurer, these findings indicate it’s safer to insure women, as the company is less likely to have to pay a claim.

A 2011 study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that men are also more likely to speed. In a speeding survey, 36 percent of males were classified as “speeders,” while the figure was only 28 percent for women.

Four Steps To Take After An Auto Accident

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Unique Insurance Company

Offering commercial and personal auto insurance in several states, Unique Insurance realizes that having an accident is a stressful experience. Unique Insurance recommends several steps that can make resolving any incidents a smoother process:

1. Practice safety first – If anyone has life-threatening injuries, call 911 immediately. Also, seek medical help right away for anyone suffering apparent injuries. If the vehicles are moveable, move them off the driving lanes and into the shoulder of the road.

2. Call police – A police investigation of the accident, documented by a report, is critical to establishing fault, a necessity in the claims process.

3. Gather information – Exchange contact information with the other driver, including their name, address, insurance company, license plate number, and year, make and model of the vehicle. Also try to exchange contact information with any witnesses. Their testimony will be key in the fault determination investigation. If possible, take photos of the damage to both vehicles.

4. Call your insurance company’s claim representative.