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An Introduction to the Auto Claims Process

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Auto Claims
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Unique Insurance is a personal and commercial auto insurance provider serving six states. The Unique Insurance team of agents is dedicated not only to the successful resolution of all client claims, but also to sustaining client satisfaction and understanding throughout the entire claims process.

The days and weeks following a car accident can be emotionally trying. As the physical injuries and psychological trauma of the accident linger, individuals must gather themselves to navigate the auto insurance claims process. Understanding the various aspects of this process and working with a claims specialist committed to client satisfaction are great ways to reduce the confusion and frustration surrounding an accident.

The claims process begins by contacting an insurance agent after an accident. Insurance representatives will take in all available information before launching an investigation into the report and engaging with agents representing other drivers. As the investigation draws to a close, insurance agents should be able to provide clients with information regarding liability and their various coverage options. Due to the varied nature of coverage and accidents, the amount of time it can take to resolve a claim may vary.