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Defensive Driving Tips

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Unique Insurance Company
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Founded in 1996, Unique Insurance offers commercial and personal auto insurance in Illinois and Indiana, and personal auto insurance in Georgia, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Tennessee. Specializing in writing coverage for hard to place drivers, the company has a diverse group of dedicated employees, many of whom are bilingual. Safe driving is both beneficial to motorists and insurance companies. Below are some tips for defensive driving to be safer on the road.

1) Keep your eyes moving. Continuously look in all three mirrors, keeping a 360-degree view of the vehicles around you.

2) Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you by using the two second rule. Pick a point where the car in front of you passes and count one-one thousand, two-one thousand, and make sure you’re a minimum of two seconds behind the vehicle ahead of you.

3) Avoid blind spots. Many people check their mirrors only when making a lane change, hence they may not be aware of a car in one of their blind spots. If you find yourself just slightly behind the car next to you there’s a good chance the driver can’t see you – slow down or speed up to make yourself visible to the other driver.

4) Look far ahead. It’s easy to focus only on the car in front of you. Look beyond the closest vehicle to cars in front of it to gain reaction time in the event everyone brakes or begins to slow down.

5) Have an escape plan. When surrounded by cars, and especially trucks, be aware of where you might need to go should someone brake hard, or turn into your lane, and be ready to go there the moment it becomes necessary.